Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Haven Encounter Tables

Another day, another post of stuff from my current DM notebook....

    Old City              Great Market         Merchant Quarter
 2  Goblin slave          Prostitute           Racketeers
 3  Street urchins        Street busker        Exotic foreigners
 4  Wizard & apprentices  Pickpocket           Porters
 5  Surly young rakes     Racketeers           Thief
 6  Pretty maidens        Street urchins       Pushy rich shoppers
 7  Guard patrol          Cryer/Hawker         Guard patrol
 8  Matron & servants     Angry customers      Snotty rich shoppers
 9  Scholar & students    Guard patrol         Beggar
10  Noble & guards        Guide                Teamsters
11  Beggar                Colorful foreigners  Street urchins
12  Halfling servant      Loose livestock      Black marketeers

    Farm Quarter          Foreign Quarter      The Maze

 2  Beggar                Goblin gang          Cheap prostitute

 3  Pack of strays        Crazed cultists      Burglars

 4  Superstitious hicks   Exotic merchant      Press gang

 5  Burly workers         Guide/translator     Black marketeers

 6  Loose livestock       Beggar               Beggars

 7  Vegetable cart        Strange procession   Hawkmasks

 8  Step in dung          Thugs/racketeers     Pickpocket

 9  Loud women            Odd food cart        Street urchins

10  Hedge witch           Con artist           Drug dealer

11  Mean ol' cat          Guard patrol         Brawl/fight

12  Street urchins        Dwarf brawlers       Murder in progress

    Waterfront            Street of Gods       The Park

 2  Crime in progress     Prophet              Giant spider

 3  Goblin slaves         Temple prostitute    Giant weasels

 4  Press gang            Religious conflict   Wolves

 5  Street urchins        Parade               Goblin slaves

 6  Teamsters             Guard patrol         Woodland critters

 7  Drunken sailors       Street preacher      Elf patrol

 8  Fishmonger            Funeral procession   Pixies

 9  Thugs/racketeers      Pickpocket           Elf citizens

10  Press gang            Idols/relic sales    Giant owl

11  Merchant & guards     Guru & students      Treant

12  Guard patrol          A god incarnate      Unicorn

    The Necropolis        Salt Marsh           Sewers

 2  Wights                Alligator            Ochre Jelly

 3  Ghouls                Wererats             Wererats

 4  Skeletons             Snakes               Cultists

 5  Temple patrol         Giant rats           Giant rats

 6  Mourners              Rats                 Thieves

 7  Funeral procession    Smugglers            Smugglers

 8  Graverobbers          Giant centipedes     Giant centipedes

 9  Necromancer & help    Goblins              Large spider

10  Zombies               Giant frog           Zombies

11  Ghouls                Undead               Ghouls

12  Ghasts                Giant swamp spider   Otyugh