Thursday, April 21, 2011

Haven: Factions and VIPs

Important Factions

  • Imperials
  • Trade Guilds
  • Thieves' Guild
  • Assassins' Guild
  • Priests
  • Wizards (not an organized guild!)
  • Beggars
  • Kemari elders
  • Elves of The Park

Important People

  • Baroness Marketable Lucius, overlord of the city. Charming political schemer.
  • Capt. Antonius Martus, commander of the Baroness' 50 imperial centurions. Stiff, by the book, young, a lot to prove. Itching for a fight.
  • Regulus Plautus, treasurer/tax collector. Ruthless bureaucrat. Ambitious. Dreams of imposing Imperial order on Haven. Has own network of informants and lackeys.
  • Countess Lydia Nefaria, aide to the Baroness. Also agent of the Imperial Eye with her own network of spies and assassins.
  • Colonnus Meritus, high priest of Tarim. Ambitious but officious, seeks religious control of the city.
  • Brianna Weaver, head of Alliance of Trade Guilds. Kemari.
  • Gannoc Smith, 60 year old Kemari. Built like a bull, traditionalist, smarter than he looks.
  • Alaurune Selmarin, Elven "count", de facto head of the Elves in The Park. Fickle, unpredictable, inscrutable.
  • Rhiannon Wise, Kemari high priestess of Demaru. Conservative voice of peace with the Aquilans. Healer and wise woman. Secretly supports Kemari resistance.
  • Azhakh Nung, wealthy Dwarf merchant. Stingy, egocentric, zealously anti-tax and vocally anti-Aquilan. Looking to sponsor expedition to reconquer lost Zharku mines.