Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peoples of Haven

Some more notes from my current DM notebook....

Kemari are the indigenous peoples of the region. Start your basic stereotype with pre-Christian Kelts a-la-Robert E. Howard, with a little over-simplified new-age bookstore Kelt stereotype thrown in: earthy, stubborn, women and men largely equal. Men tend to be in charge of warfare, farming and labor; women in charge of scholarship, religion, and magic. However, these are not set roles.

Kemari tend to have surprisingly open sexual politics. Women may choose partners freely until married, but must remain loyal to their husbands except on certain festival days, when sexual openness for all is the rule. Men give women bangles as gifts, ranging from wood to gold. Having more bangles of more value is a mark of honor. Most bangles are marked to reflect who is the giver.

Kemari value cleverness, strength, and practicality. They love family, drink, intelligence, cunning, bravery and parties.

Aquilans conquered Haven two generations ago. Start your stereotype with Romans as depicted in sword-and-sandal films. They are rigid, officious, and snotty. They see themselves as having a superior culture, civilization among savages. They are patriarchal and patrilineal. They value the military, their religion, and their empire.

Aquilans love "exotic" cultures, even though they see them as inferior. They believe they are rightly the top of the food chain culturally. They believe in peace through domination.