Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Estarion, Game 14

The heroes investigate what leads they have, not quite to a dead end, but to the point that they are convinced that the Intellect Devourer is part of a very heavily covered up attack, but it isn't clear who is behind it.

While investigating at the library to learn more about their foes, Jarret, Arturius, and Carver find the brothel of Tatiana Scaevola is on fire. Calling on divine powers to bring down the rain, they find the place was set on fire from the basement, but that Scaevola's office was raided. They suspect that Tatiana Scaevola covered her tracks and eliminated the brothel among rumors and murders of her colleagues. The Guard shows up to investigate, without Captain Lucanus.

They investigate more and find that the Asylum seems semi-abandoned, with no one answering the door. They wait to see if the "patients" become uncontrolled in 24 hours and look for Captain Lucanus. They explore his house and find half of a map, and evidence the Captain has skipped town, too.

The PCs follow up by breaking in to and searching the asylum. After fighting some rather hardy zombies, some mysterious undead of an unknown sort, and a necrophidius, which Tim managed to melt with a a pair of critical hits from scorching rays. They find the other half of a map, a magical book, and a box with magical traps.

At the end of the game they end up with:
  1. A map to caves with notes that the party has a bad feeling about.
  2. Knowledge that the Cult of Orcus has skipped town.
  3. A magical book they are not sure what it does or is.
  4. A bunch of books raided from Marcellus Nonus' library.
  5. A box with a magical trap they haven't opened.
  6. Arturius' theory that the Intellect Devourers (and perhaps an illithid master) have been hired by the Hags.