Saturday, February 7, 2015

Current projects I'm moving forward on...

So I am thinking about making more thoughtful and a bit less amateurish work of my previous free settings and putting them up for sale:
  1. I am working on a revised and expanded Estarion: City of Knives with some expanded background, short adventures, and a pile of tables to guide ad-libbing at the table. I can't say the book will be able to aspire to Vornheim-level innovation, but I think it might be useful to all 2 or 3 of my regular readers. This project is about 75% done at this point. It will be a system-free publication just to see how well that will be received.
  2. I have started a  revision to Savage Swords of Athanor. I hope to revisit some of the proud nails I had in the original draft, and make the thing a bit more usable to others at their tables. I suspect many things will change in the revision, and the whole  will be written to be used as a setting for 5th edition. I will move from the original hexcrawl descriptions in the style of Carcosa and think about putting together some sort of Savage Worlds plot-point style adventures.
  3. I want to do the same with Swords of Mars, too.
The final versions of all three will be short — probably in the 40 page range — and I hope to get them out through some sort of pdf publishing and print-on-demand services.