Monday, November 3, 2014

Estarion, Game 4

Regga is visited by Malik the Ugly; Jarret deduces that lotus powder is being changed to carry some sort of curse to turn people into sahuagin, and finds a pair of legends about the origins of the sahuagin:
  1. Sahuagin originated as the result of ab Elven druidess’ curse on the followers of a sea witch who had turned on the city. The witch Juhanah gathered a hundred men to take the city that is now Estarion, all sailors from the Eastern Sea People, but when Jumana came for the city with her two sisters and a hundred men, the Druidess Zatar called on her power to magically trap the sisters and curse the men as monsters and cast them into the sea, becoming the Sahuagin, marked forever and cast away from the land. For this reason the sahuagin hate the elves. 
  2. The scholar Craius Benedictus constructed much the story from fragments of old clay tablets. But the witch Juhanah is said to be one of three sister goddesses, and that they are opposed by Astarte. Astarte strips the three goddesses of their powers and casts them underground, and curses their worshippers to become the sahuagin. 
Arturius gets the church to work on curing some of the beggars becoming sahuagin by having elders use Remove Curse, but isn't sure it works after they fully transform.

The PCs spent time investigating and brainstorming how to take the fight to the rat cult, then found themselves back in sewers, attacking by surprise the cult lair under the fuller's in Downwind. The heroes find themselves in a huge running battle, they find themselves facing cultists, sahuagin, and a Sea Hag (and all save vs. fright), carver finally goes berserk and reveals a secret about himself, and the PCs barely come out on top.

Regga leaves with the hag's head, the group find a scrap of journal matching their name of list, with a mention of the Cult of Orcus.

In the down time between games, heroes learn one of the people on the list of Aquilan names they found two weeks ago was murdered by rats; Regga disappears (her player, John, won't be able to join us any more... but I can come up with a plot for Regga) as does Meadow (her player wanted to change up her character a bit, which will be set up in between games, too.)