Thursday, October 30, 2014

If you have already started drinking the 5th edition cool-aid and want some more flavors, check out my friend's blog

My friend (and Estarion player) Rich Howard has been busy playing with 5th edition and developing some materials for the game.

First of all, Rich studied Marine Biology many moons ago in Santa Cruz, which grew out of his love of the ocean and unhealthy fascination with Aquaman. Well, maybe not obsession. But he like Aquaman before it was cool. Because it will totally be cool some day. In fact, in my game he is playing a cleric of Poseidon named Arturius Courius. Because we like a good comic book in-joke. The upshot of this is that he has created a series of aquatic builds for PC classes and races:
 He also has some monstrous races built out as PC options:
 I present all of these to boost some awareness of cool things a friend is doing and to just share some of the general sense of DIY vibe that I think can come out of the new rules.