Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Estarion, game 5

Okay, over the past week:

  • Regga, Meadow, and the head of the hag Regga took as a trophy have all gone missing.
  • Drug users around town have gone missing or become "fishy", putting a lot of demand on the priests at the temple.
  • Vitus Pontius, a merchant who supplies the Imperial kitchens, is found in his kitchen, killed by rat bites. He was on your list of names. 
  • More gang infighting has spread through the neighborhoods of the city.
Meadow awakens without remembering most of the last week after her ambush, and finds Arturius and Carver worried about Regga missing, and doing their best to find her-- but she appears to be concealed from scrying. Arturius sends a message through the beggars to find out what the Beggar King knows.

The heroes go back to the list of names the found in the lair of the rat cult. Arturius meets with Herminia Cassius, who tries to get Arturius to believe the list is a list of people being blackmailed, but Arturius is suspicious that she is hiding something else.

Meadow and Carver investigate Marcellus Nonus' asylum, and find the place filled with strangely quiet and peaceful, and Nonus is a creep.

After both meetings, they leave Meadow's home as a contact place. The heroes hole up in Meadow's home, waiting to have flushed out the villains. Instead, they find centurions and Lucanus Vitus at their door. He seems to have been called in by Herminia Cassius, and after some evasiveness, he calls on Arturius to serve his Empire and go after a suspected cult leader as a covert mission. While this is going on, Meadow hears a voice telling her to "awaken", and claws on the walls, but the heroes do not find the creature. It seems to go away when Lucanus leaves.

The heroes, on the way back to the temple to plan a raid, end up running into a beggar sent by the Beggar King. He has no clues about Regga, but says that Regga's bodyguard, Meadow, was seen being picked up and taken to the asylum.

The heroes confront Nonus, find him clearly lying, and have to pull Meadow out of the asylum. They don't know what is going on, but something is wrong, and they now are suspicious of everyone on the list.