Friday, June 3, 2011

Fiend Folio Friday: the Flumph as the face of good

Notoriously, the only good monster in the Fiend Folio is the flumph. The flumph is small, weak, and lawful good. It's essentially a flying jellyfish, with a really hard to hit top (AC 0), and a squishy underside (AC 8), and its main defenses are a nasty musk and dropping onto opponents with its stinging underside. Though of average intelligence, it only speaks a smattering of its alignment tongue.

This is the face of good in the Fiend Folio. Your best chance at a friend or ally. The enemy of evil. The protector of order and weal. The flumph.

What sort of cosmology gives us the flumph as the friend of the paladin? I mean, the Monster Manual has some odd options for good creatures. No angels, but we get shedu, lamassu, ki-rin and couatls. But the flumph takes the cake.

So imagining the world that allows for flumphs as a great force of good really implies a good that is alien, weak, and set upon by external forces. A good largely unable to keep evil at bay, and which needs to survive by avoidance, escape, and surprise. And a force of good that can't even really speak to you. Which really leaves the good guys in the lurch.