Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hassled by the Man: Bureaucrat encounters in Haven

Who they are:
  1. Imperial Eye
  2. Judge
  3. Litigator
  4. Imperial Tax Collector
  5. Imperial Tax Assessor
  6. Trade Guild Representative
  7. Church Official
  8. Con Artist
  9. Academic
  10. Foreign Ambassador
  11. Magic User's Agent
  12. Thief or Assassins' Guild
What they want:
  1. To arrest the characters.
  2. To hand the characters over to thugs for gentle persuasion.
  3. To frame the characters for a crime.
  4. To serve legal papers.
  5. To demand a fee.
  6. To be a bureaucratic pain in the ass.
  7. To demand services.
  8. To force the characters to buy something.
  9. To demand goods from the characters.
  10. To deliver a curse as a penalty.
  11. To demand the characters sign over their souls.
  12. To force characters to sign a contract.