Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Joining in the DCC first impressions posts.

The "Character Funnel": while this might be entertaining once, it feels forced and gimmicky, just like I felt it did when it showed up with AD&D first edition. And the method of winnowing down a pile of characters to come up with your "real" character seems like a caricature of old-school D&D. And doesn't really feel like the kind of stories that the game tries to emulate.

And why start at level zero with negative experience? That just seems clunky.

Why are halflings masters of two-weapon fighting?

The pile of necessary charts for critical hits and fumbles, magical results, are about the opposite of simplifying play that I prefer.

The odd dice are a bit off-putting.

Variable healing based on proximity of alignment and clerical miracles are interesting. The ideas behind magic are interesting, but adjudicating that complexity would be a real challenge, at least at first.

Combat maneuvers seem like more to memorize.

Why do we use different size dice for two-weapon fighting instead of penalties?

Spell duels might be cool.

Some of this seems like design for design's sake. This indeed captures the feel of many after-market unofficial D&D supplements, clones, variants and the like from my youth, but much of that was also cluttered and full of things we used for a little while before abandoning.

I'd gladly play a demo to see if I'd change my mind, and will print and read it, I suppose. But after my first skim through, I am not likely to be looking to grab the final version.