Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Haven: Major Magicians of the city

  • Theremin Syrne. Old City. Overweight gourmand who loves comfort, decadence, and may have some unspeakable tastes. Specializes in illusions.
  • The Faceless One: The Maze. Hooded, inscrutable, mysterious. Often seeks out adventurers to do unusual missions.
  • Eliandra Sellorin: The Park. Female aesthete, scholar, and historian.
  • Burgyn Bromad: The Foreign Quarter. Collector. Cheap, and will try to screw over anyone who works for or trades with him. Has a huge collection of spells, and very full coffers.
  • Warrick Stane: The Foreign Quarter. Merchant, schemer, and con artist. Buys and sells magic items, some of which actually work.