Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haven: Gladiatorial Combat and Pit Fighting

These notes take their inspiration from the rules for gladiatorial combat in Empire of the Petal Throne.
Gladiatorial combat is legal in the Aquilan Empire and is a common form of public entertainment. The Aquilans built an arena in the Foreign Quarter five years ago to support their interest in the sport. Aquilan gladiator fights involve slaves of free gladiators in established ludi, though some fights involved gladiators and monsters or wild animals. To participate, you at least need an Aquilan sponsor if not a membership in or ownership by an established ludus.

Pit fights, on the other hand, are covert and illegal. They occur in The Maze or in secret underground locales, usually in basements or sewer locations.

Opponents in either case tend to be evenly matched to better facilitate gambling. Gladiatorial combats may be to the death, pit fights seldom are, but when they are, such games tend to be very high-stakes and very illegal.

Odds in matches are based on number of bouts survived. Players need to keep track of their wins if they fight in the pits or the arena. An NPC combatant has a 50% chance of having fought before. If experienced, roll 1d6 and add the character's level/hit dice over one.

If you win a fight, you earn experience as usual and win 1d100 x a multiplier based on the level of the combatants.
  • Level 1 = x1
  • Level 2 = x2
  • Level 3 = x5
  • Level 4 = x10
  • Level 5 = x20
  • Level 6 = x30
  • Level 7 = x50
  • Level 8 = x100
  • Level 9+ = x200
If you bet on a fight and win, you win back your bet plus your bet multiplied by the odds ratio.