Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Haven: Criminals of Haven

  • Amantha Shara: Old City. Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. Political schemer. Charming, beautiful, manipulative, cunning, ruthless.
  • Marcus Hawk: The Maze. Head of the Hawkmasks, the enforcers for the Thieves' Guild. Loyal, dedicated, respects power and ruthlessness.
  • Blind Rath: The Maze. Head of the Assassins' Guild. Speaks in riddles, generally unpredictable, tends to ally himself with whomever he thinks will be on top.
  • Namek the Beggar King. Foreign Quarter. Organizes and trains beggars, gets a cut of their action, and uses them as a spy network. Seems doddering and old, can seem kindly and charming, but is a clever and ruthless criminal.
  • Liandra Thrull: Dockside. Fence and arranger. She sets up jobs and makes sure product can move. Brusque and tight-fisted. Allied with the Guild.
  • Toothless Jack: Merchant Quarter. Fence and arranger. Deals in dangerous, questionable work including work not approved by the guild. Doesn't take as big of a cut, but often undersells the danger of the work.