Monday, May 16, 2011

Haven: Sages of Haven

  • Khadek Khal: Dwarf. Foreign Quarter. Major: demi-humankind (history, legends & folklore, theology and mythology, philosophy). Minor: humanoids and giantkind.
  • Siobhan Lorn: Old City. Major: humankind (history, languages). Minor: demi-humankind, humanoids and giantkind.
  • Timoteo Nexus: Old City. Major: physical universe (chemistry, mathematics). Minor: fauna, flora.
  • Turg the Odd: Half-Orc. The Maze. Major: humanoids & giantkind (languages, law and customs), supernatural and unusual.
  • Madame Sorotis: Old City. Major: supernatural & unusual (astrology & numerology, cryptography, divination). Minor: flora.
  • Sillarion Rhee: Elf. The Park. Major: supernatural & unusual (dweomercraft, metaphysics, the planes). Minor: physical universe, demi-humankind