Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Armies of Athanor: Alemania

Continuing in a short set of thoughts on what the armies of Athanor might look like...

Alemamia.is notable for its rigid military structure and deeply disciplined soldiers. This includes:

Light infantry, wearing cuirboilli over natural chitin. Carry rifles with bayonets and shortswords. Leap into battle to break enemy formations and form mobile groups without clear formations. Their job is to harry enemies for the heavier troops. 

Heavy infantry, wearing mail and armed with halberds or bearing rifle and bayonets. Their backup weapons are short, heavy hacking swords. 

Light cavalry, riding giant centipedes of the largest size, unarmored, riders with a brace of pistols and halberds.

Heavy cavalry, riding giant rhinoceros beetles, driver unarmored with brace of pistols, cannon crew on back. 

Air cavalry, riding giant dragonflies. Pilot unarmored and carrying a carbine and a brace of pistols.