Monday, April 5, 2010

Armies of Athanor: Zamora

Armies of Athanor: Zamora

The basic troops of Zamora are lightly armored riflemen, using mobility and range to their advantage. Zamoran infantry wear leather armor and carry rifles and bayonets. Officers carry a brace of pistols, a dagger, and a longsword.

They are supported by deinonychus riding light infantry, armed with a brace of pistols and longswords. These troops also wear light armor.

The marines of the air navy carry cutlass, boarding axes, and a carbine. Officers carry a brace of pistols instead. They wear mail armor. Sailors use belaying pins, axes, and daggers to repel boarders when necessary and wear no armor. Their ships, however, are heavily armed with cannons and bombs.

Shock troops include heavy infantry riflers on parasauralophuses, with drivers armed with pistols and a dagger, while the riflers carry twin barreled rifles with bayonets. They also wear mail.

The rarest and most dangerous troops ride on howdahs atop triceratops. From this platform. The plate armored troops use firelances, rifles, light cannon, halberds, pikes, or even Ancient energy weapons. The presence of trike soldiers is a sign of serious battle.

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