Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Armies of Athanor: Special Troops of Zamora

In addition to standing armies, the City State of Zamora is guarded by two powerful forces: the personal forces of the Overlord and Vog Mur. While observers may see them as mere extensions of the national army, they actually report directly to their respective masters.

The Overlord has three personal forces: the Iron Legion, his personal guard; the Gold Legion, his elite shock troops; and the Ghost Legion, his spies and assassins. Each consists of a score or so of men, the cream of the crop.

The Iron Legion is marked by their use of Ancient plate armor made of a synthetic alloy allowing all the protection of plate and none of the restrictions on movement. They carry energy carbines, bastard swords, and grenades. They have swift armed air ships and are highly disciplined, seeming to coordinate their actions wordlessly.

The Gold Legion is a group of only a dozen men who control three battle-craft in the form of two-legged walkers with heavy energy weapons. They require huge amounts of fuel and are seldom used.

The Ghost Legion seems to be little more than a legend, striking enemies within and outside of the city with swift, brutal, and unnatural acts of violence. They are never seen in combat.

Vog Mur the Necromancer is less organized, and his troops are called on at great price and only in desperation as they tend not to respect the difference between friendly and enemy troops. The basic skeletal troops are supported by heavy troops such as Rathaga and sorcerous chonchons. Vog Mur will lead troops personally, often turning the fallen into reinforcements. His troops are less soldiers than agents of orgiastic violence, and may include slimes, mutants, Vat Men, and crazed clones. All who fall are either eaten or used as fodder for the Clone Pits. In many ways, the threat of his troops is better than actually setting them loose.