Friday, December 25, 2009

Fiend Folio Friday

This week's fiends fit into the theme of subterranean bird-men. It was thanks to the Planet Algol blog that I even began thinking of the Dire Corby again. Fearless subterranean pack-hunting bird-men with rock-hard claws and a tendency to shriek "Doom! Doom!", the Dire Corby is a random bit of monstrosity that mechanically looks more or less like any other humanoid.

Likewise, the armored Hook Horror shares many of these traits, but in a larger, mute, and hard-to-surprise package. Though not intended to work together, they seemed to be pieces of  similar design, both having flocks of scary humanoid birdiness with twin rending limbs, both emitting creepy shrieking noises, and both being high on the gonzo "WTF" monster list.

As a teen, my question was always why the heck such things existed in the game world. They seemed silly to me then, but now I see them as potentially alien and surreal, real horrors that hunt the halls of an alien and terrible underworld.