Friday, December 25, 2009

A Merry Christmas

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, either as a religious or secular holiday, merry Christmas.

We are having a rather spartan time at the Easterly household, trying to conserve or tiny amount of cash for our brief San Francisco vacation, but we are soon going  to visit the combination of my wife's family and in-laws, which will be about 40 people (and that's only because my wife Sheri's four brothers won't be there. If they were there with spouses/partners and kids, we would be looking at another 14 people at this shindig...) It will be a hoot, I'm sure.

There's a good chance I will spend a chunk of time playing with my niece and talking to my brother in law about possible methodological choices for his M.A. thesis, but I'm hoping for some time just relaxing and celebrating time with loved ones.

May your day be filled with peace, love, and maybe some games.