Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dragons in Zamora

I had originally thought that I was going to avoid dragons in Athanor. I had dinosaurs, after all, and lots of odd bits of monstery goodness. Who needs dragons. Then I thought better about it. What I used to hate about dragons in AD&D as a wee lad is that they were just another monster, and often far too easy to kill, especially for a large party, and so dragons left a bad taste in my mouth. I can't remember the last time I had a dragon in a game -- even games of Dungeons and Dragons.

So now, thinking more about it, I want dragons to be odd, creepy, and mysterious. All that to preface my brief notes on Dragons in the Campaign:

Dragons were manufactured in Ancient times as servitors of the Witch Kings of Ylum. Forged of magic and genetic technology, the dragons served as guardians of the Witch Kings, and either as land or aerial combat platforms. Durable, armored, and deadly, each dragon was a unique being, capable of cenuries of life and cunningly intelligent.

Most of the dragons have died in the centuries, but there are three dragons in Zamora. The first is the Tower Dragon, a 100-foot-long blue serpentine creature with long, lithe limbs, a huge crocodilian head with a mouth filled with foot-long teeth, and great cat-like eyes. The Tower Dragon sleeps most days coiled around the Tower of Wizardry, and is the pet and guardian of the Tower of Wizardry. The dragon cannot fly, but breaths lightning and is able to communicate empathically and to cause fear through telempathic broadcast. He moves seldom, but if moved to attack is an implacable foe.

The second is the Great Dragon, who arrived in Zamora with the Overlord. This great, winged dragon is 80 feet long, with three heads. One breathes fire, one breathes lightning, the third breathes frost. Its iridescent green scales are impervious to most weapons, and its wings seem to blot out the sky when the Overlord flies out over the city on its back. The Great Dragon sleeps for long periods of time, woken only to serve the whim of the Overlord.

The Shadow Dragon is a terror of the undercity. Only forty feet long, the Shadow Dragon is a master of darkness and a necromancer of no small ability. Ruthless and spiteful toward humans, the Shadow Dragon is an enemy of Vog Mur and maintains his own undead fortress below he city, from which he preys upon the living and amuses himself by he suffering he causes.