Thursday, April 16, 2009

Athanor Update

Right now, I'm deep in the project of doing a literature review for my doctoral program, and I find that shifting between intense academic writing and writing for Athanor is harder than I thought. My mind is wrapped up in educational research right now, and while I could think of ways to apply that to gaming, I just don't want to. And my time is being squeezed by the American Educational Research Association national conference this week, and a statewide academic advising conference next week. I'm all conferenced out, and a bit overwhelmed by my academic life....

So my work on Athanor right now is focused on writing up a chunk of undercity as a dungeon. After I finish a couple of levels, I will start posting things again -- some scanned maps and some encounter keys. I tried something new with the maps. Inspired by a map by Gabor Luz in Fight On #1, I am doing freehand, grid-free maps sketched out rather than done as combat grids, so I'll be interested in what people think once I post them.