Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Plaza merchants

Sor Quiñones the Healer
Sister Quiñones is renowned as a healer and helper to the poor and hopeless. She sells her aid on a sliding scale, and is able to help the injured, sick and dying. Her healing involves salves, herbs, and medical aid rather than magical healing -- so it often take time and does not always work. But her aid comes as a welcome option to those who reasonably fear magic or who lack the money to hire a magic-user to help them. Sor Quiñones is a matronly woman in her mid-fifties with round cheeks, a rosy disposition, and hard eyes. She travels without guards and without fear.

Django Sheb, the Blacksmith
A Duma man in his mid forties, the Blacksmith is a remarkable metalworker. His items are durable and reliable, and it is said that he can work any metal. He seldom has much stock on hand, but will make any custom order for metal goods. He is proud, not very talkative, and works his booth all alone.

Sebastiano the Negotiator
Sebastiano sells the skill of his negotiators to help you make your point to others or to settle issues in dispute. His men are expensive, very persuasive, and very discreet. Sebastiano has a cold, unsettling look, despite his well-waxed mustache and beard, and his expensive clothing.

Chun Kao the Grocer
This Khitai merchant and his three daughters operate one of the largest tents in the Plaza. He sells all sorts of cactus, fungus, fruit and vegetables. The group are served by semi-intelligent mobile fungi called myconids who generally stand only about 2 feet tall, and who are said to be quite tasty. No one has seen a myconid in the wild, so no one can tell you where the come from except Chun Kao and his daughters -- and they avoid any discussion of such things.