Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Religion in Zamora

The people of Zamora worship the 6 Lords of Chaos and the 3 Lords of Law.

The Lords of Chaos are gods of change, magic and possibility. They include:
  1. Bel the Liberator
  2. Asheba the Creator
  3. Checkah the Trickster
  4. Vanya of the Silken Thighs
  5. Kesh the Destroyer
  6. Tala the Corrupter
The Lord of Law are gods of order and stability:
  1. Fala the Lightbringer
  2. Malkut the Scholar
  3. Serin of the Iron Fist
The Churches of Law have great institutional power and tend to work together to consolidate their power. The churches of Chaos are popular among the people, but tend to have less political clout and clear connections in the city.