Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Firearms and Athanor

Because I want a swashbuckling feel to the game, and because both Howard's Almuric and Burroughs' Barsoom have guns, I decided that guns should be part of Athanor. I didn't want the ultra-powerful radium guns of Barsoom, though. Instead, I want what amounts to flintlocks in the campaign.

Over the years, I know people have published D&D firearms rules that include chances for explosions and all kinds of gee-gaws. I want this to be simple. So here are guns in Athanor:

  • Pistol: 1d6+1 damage, 2 lbs weight, cost 40, rate of fire 1/2, range 60ft. 20 shots and powder cost 10 and weigh 2.
  • Rifle: 1d6+1 damage, 5 lbs weight, cost 50, rae of fire 1/2, range 100ft. 20 shots and powder cost 10 and weigh 2.
  • Cannons: 3d6 damage, not portable (50 lbs weight), cost 300, rate of fire 1/3, range 250ft. 1 shot and powder costs 5 and weighs 7.
  • Grenades: 2d6 damage in 5' radius, 1lb weight, cost 5, takes 1 round to light, may be thrown up to 40 ft.