Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Estarion, Game 3

  • Arturius, Carver, and Jarret take a short rest in an abandoned hovel; Sharin volunteers to lead the bad guys away from the group as a decoy (mostly because Thad was not available to play). 
  • In the meantime, Regga and Meadow, whose players weren't available last week, return after a brief interrogation by Ugly Malik, a high-level enforcer for Amon Sahid, one of the city's crime lords. Sahid wanted information on Regga's investigations into the rat cult on behalf of the Beggar King.
  • After being released by Ugly Malik, Regga and Meadow go looking for Arturius, and end up finding the fuller's they were investingating now a buzzing hornet's nest. They note three parties of cultists leaving the headquarters: two hunting through the neighborhood for the intruders into their base, the last escorting prisoners.
  • Regga and Meadow stumble onto the hovel that Arturius, Carver and Jarret are hiding in and manage to pick off a rat acolyte, conveniently creating a distraction to draw a dozen cultists, an acolyte, and a half dozen giant rat "hounds" after them, and into the territory of the Night Masks, the criminal gang of Downwind.
  • The heroes manage to heroically run away, regrouping in the Temple of the Olympians. After weighing their options (tracking a hard to identify merchant, scouting out the fuller's, or searching the sewers), the characters went down the path of searching the sewers to find the rat cult lair.
  • After some research and guesswork the heroes found the lair of the rat cults, a simple flop house which doesn't fool the players at all. After ambushing a cultist, trying to interrogate him, then killing him when he wouldn't break, Regga leaves him a note that makes it look like the Night Masks are out to attack the cult.
  • The heroes decide to attack from the sewers. After more surgical attacks on a smaller number of foes, they liberate six prisoners from the cultists. The cultists seem to be transforming into something fishy — Arturius finds they seem to be turning into sahuagin — and then go on to brutally beat down the remaining cultists. 
  • When they search the cultists' lair, the heroes find a list of Aquilan names:
    • Herminia Cassius (Wife of the Otho Cassius, Imperial Physician)
    • Lucanus Valens (Chief of palace guard)
    • Marcellus Nonus (Runs an asylum)
    • Nevius Albanus (Imperial Master of Keys)
    • Tatiana Scaevola (Owns a high class brothel within the city)
    • Vitus Pontius (Merchant who supplies the Imperial kitchens)
  • Regga follows up with the Beggar King, who warns Regga not to get too close to conflicts he may start between the Night Masks and the cultists and to that he should be nervous that Amon Sahid is keeping tabs on the Beggar King and Regga.