Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Estarion, game 2.

Meadow and Regga go missing. Arturius  recruits some new muscle: grim hermit/scholar/wizard Jarret Helfiker, twin-scimitar wielding druid Sharin, and berserk axe-wielding hobo with memory loss Carver and goes looking for intelligence at the fuller’s that they had as a lead from the first game.

After some inept espionage at the fuller’s, Sharin and Carver go undercover working as laborers and, after being sized up as potential kidnap victims, they manage to be too obvious and make it clear that they are surveilling the place looking for rat cultists.

After the botched surveillance, the heroes head out after a day of labor and come in to bust in at night, clambering down the stairs and into an ambush. Unprepared and too eager to move forward, the heroes become pincushions under fire from multiple crossbowmen. Jarret goes down, is healed back up; Arturius and Carver go down; and Sharin stays up at just 1 hit point. Jarret spends his time picking off bad guys from cover until they move to regroup, then he and Sharin flee with the unconscious colleagues. They end up fleeing and hiding in a nearby shack, hoping to hide until they can recover and regroup.