Thursday, October 2, 2014

And now, for a commercial break….

I don't normally shill products for people, and certainly not for Pathfinder, but my friend and current player in Estarion is working on a kickstarter of some real interest: J. M. Perkins' The Adequate Commoner  still has 22 days to go and room for stretch goals. What it has going for it:

  1. It's about playing Commoners. Come on, you know you hate all those powerful classes. If you can't play an Old School Game, then play with the same sort of fear you had of dying in an Old School version of D&D.
  2. Mr. Perkins is clever and funny. Trust me, I know the man, I game with the man. I have made him strong cocktails and discussed random topics with him. He's a good guy. He writes good prose, has good ideas, and is enthusiastic about his gaming.
  3. I know you can depend on him to put out a good product. If he doesn't, I know where he lives and I have a PayPal account. For a fee, I can settle any concerns you have.
But seriously, this seems like a great project, and a way to at least push a Pathfinder game into some short or medium term direction into the sort of low-power gaming Old Schoolers like to regale younger folks with in typical "get offa my lawn, you whippersnappers" fashion.