Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Swords of Mars: Lycanthropes of Mars

Martian Lycanthropes are not governed by phases of the moons of Mars (or maybe they are -- both Phobos and Deimos are tidally locked and don't go through phases...), and aren't infected with a disease.

Rather, Lycanthropy is a gift granted by certain infernal powers to sorcerers who go through complicated rituals. Lycanthropes become shape-shifters, able to withstand damage others cannot, and able to take on the forms of creatures, typically Osquips (the giant rats of Mars), Wara (the giant wolves of Mars), or Mahrinn (the giant cats of Mars) or human-animal hybrids. Lycanthropes are also immune to harm by weapons made of Hraa-hide, requiring magical or iron weapons to be harmed.

Treat these creatures as wererats, werewolves, or weretigers except that they are also skilled in magic use, using magic as magic-users with a level equal to their hit dice.