Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Legal Assassination in Aquila

Assassination is permitted under Aquilan law under specific circumstances. The Aquilans refer to legal assassination euphemistically as "a game of darts." Such contests must follow certain rules.

First, the games may be between nobles or between commoners (such as merchants), but cannot cross those lines.

Second, games of darts must involve guild assassins, not amateurs.

Third, games must be declared openly, allowing targets a full day to prepare, including hiring their own assassins.

Games end when targets are dead or when the assassins involved are dead. A game may only be played between particular participants once a month.

Dart games are frowned upon if used excessively or if largely focused on secondary targets, such as a rival's children. They mostly serve as a redress to slights or as an alternative to vendettas.

Haven under Aquilan law has embraced this tradition both among its nobles and its merchant and guild houses. Many Kemari, though, consider the practice unsavory or immoral.