Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inns and Taverns of Haven

More notes from my DM planning notebook.

Quality is denoted by stars. 1 star is a dive, four is a classy establishment.

The Dancing Dragon ****
Old City. Inn. Good food. Nice, respectable clientele.

The Peculiar Pony **
Old City. Tavern. Weak drinks, hearty food. Colorful locals.

The Three Crowns ***
Old City. Public house. Respectable, local haunt.

The Temple *
Merchant Quarter. Public house. Beer and sausage. Locals avoiding work or home.

The Red Dragon**
Merchant Quarter. Tavern. Low end but respectable.

The Green Ghost***
Merchant Quarter. Inn. Protected by the Thieves' Guild.

The Silver Spider***
Merchant Quarter. Tavern. Frequentd by the City Watch.

Foreign Quarter. Inn. Owned by former adventurer.

Stone Alehouse**
Foreign Quarter. Tavern. Dwarven.

The Firebird**
Foreign Quarter. Tavern. Has bellydancers and spicy food.

The Lusty Mermaid*
Dockside. A shack with grog and fisticuffs.

The Dirty Dog*
The Maze. A scary place for scary people.

The Rusty Plow*
Tavern. Kemari-run, frequented by rustic folk.