Thursday, May 12, 2011

Haven: Haven's 10 Most Wanted

  1. Lykan Thrace: Magic-user, scholar, physician. Conducts illegal magical experiments. Reward: 5,000 gp.
  2. Zharkan Zur: Dwarf bandit leader. Ruthless, rumored to be a demon cultist. Reward: 3,000 gp.
  3. Moira Connaught: Kemari rebel leader. Reward: 10,000 gp.
  4. Jaga Kur: Half-orc renegade assassin. Reward: 1,000 gp from the law, 1,500 from the Assassins' Guild.
  5. Sarkut: Mutated human cleric of Juiblex. Leader of a cult of lepers and mutants. Reward: 2,000 gp.
  6. Thuval Morn: Leaderof the cult of Orcus. Reward 2,500 gp.
  7. Andalin Nighthunter: Elven outlaw, anarchist, and elf supremacist. Wanted by both the elves and the Aquilans. Reward: 3,000 gp from the Elves,  1,500 from the Aquilans.
  8. Jubal Surka: Former slaver, former gladiator, former rival of Thieves' Guild head Amantha Shara. Reward: 5,000 gp from the Guild.
  9. Murdoc Mal and Vesta Nesh: Ruthless robbers who have struck many moneychangers, banks and businesses. Reward: 1,000 gp each.
  10. Nesta Krell: Poisoner and serial killer. Kills the wealthy for their money, but is more than willing to poison a full room full of people to get what she wants. Reward: 10,000 gp.