Monday, October 18, 2010

Recent bounties of RPG goodies.

I spent this weekend visiting Davis, California with my wife. Davis is her alma mater, which was part of the reason for the visit. Another reason was to watch her nephew Shayne quarterback the homecoming game for the Davis High School Blue Devils. The third was to travel to San Francisco for family business.

As I often do on trips out of town, I stumbled upon a game/comic book shop. This one was Bizarro World in downtown Davis. Looking through the shelves, I picked up a pait of old TSR boxed sets.

The first was an incomplete and rather battered copy of the Holmes boxed set for only five dollars.

The box included dice, the rule book...

and a pair of character sheets written on loose leaf paper.

The second was a complete Gangbusters boxed set:

Then I got home to see I had received my copies of Fight On issues 8-10 and Stonehell.