Monday, November 2, 2009

Still Alive, May Sell an Athanor Supplement on Lulu, and Some Other News

I'm still in the ugliest of the quarter, with my classes still requiring me to putting together a video project (probably a discussion of the social structural origins of the current budget crisis at my state and university and not on some of my more interesting but harder to put together ideas), as well as doing a survey, some interviews, and data analysis as part of my pilot study for next year's dissertation research. And the lit review. And clarifying my research questions. And, you know, work. And planning my wife's (let's not mention numbers, but it's an Important Year) birthday in early December.

So the slow posting is likely to continue for a little while.

Maybe I need to think a bit more about my classes next quarter.

On another front, I have been working on hex descriptions of Athanor, and putting together a new version of PDF for sale on Lulu (just 64 A5 pages, saddle-stitched. Not quite digest-sized, but in the neighborhood.) This version is formulated as a supplement for S&W Whitebox, not as a standalone game, and includes the Judges-Guild-Style Hex Descriptions I mentioned earlier. I have a test copy wending it's way to my house, and I'll see if I like it well enough to sell it. I want to contact people whose posts I have modified and included in the supplement  (Akrasia's skill system, T. Foster's wound system) before I actually sell the book. I'm looking at about $8.00 print, $2.00 PDF, and counting on not selling a thing.

I am also waiting for Google to send me a Wave invitation. My hope is to get one before the holidays and then to move on to trying out Wave for gaming, then moving on to see if I can use it for real academic collaboration, too. You can see I have my priorities straight. Actually, my point is to play and learn the ways the system can work organically, then try to force it into the context of something more restrictive, so there really is a method to my choices. The opportunity to try out some online gaming is just bonus.

But right now, I just hope to make it through the Thanksgiving weekend.