Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gah! What the heck have I signed up for?

So if I disappear off the blog for a few days at a time, it's because I have five more weeks to put together the following projects:
  1. I need to develop questions, identify informants, film interviews, and put together a 10-minute documentary short.
  2. I need to finish an implement a quiz and 1-2 interviews, transcribe and code them as part of a pilot of my methodology for my dissertation.
  3. I need to write a paper on the founding of the Preuss School at UCSD analyzed from a Gramscian perspective.
  4. I need to write five more weekly reflections of 2-6 pages each.
  5. I need to work on my literature review.
  6. Oh, and I have my full-time job and my marriage. Those also deserve some time.
My panic right now is the fact tha I will be going to see Where the Wild Things Are on Friday, going to a U2 concert on Sunday in L.A., then heading back home and going to a concert Regina Spektor on Monday, thus losing a lot of possible study time. I think the movie may have to go just to allow myself time to get ahead on my weekly writing and reading assignments.

I'm already saying no to my friend's idea of starting a Magic: the Gathering sealed-deck league, and really still hoping to put together an actual Athanor campaign, but I think that can wait until after the quarter is complete.

Now, I might keep up just fine. These days I write blogs on the shuttle trip up to work, which means I crank something out most days. But I may find myself needing that time to crank out assignments, and may end up doing transcription or video editing on my laptop on the shuttle. (Not an activity I ever thought I would have thought possible when I bought my first computer, a Mac Plus, in 1989.)

So if I disappear from the blogosphere for a while, it isn't a big deal. (Not that most of the planet would notice.) I will be back. Consider that either a promise or a threat based on how much you like the blog.