Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Boxed Set

Now that I think the rules are fairly finalized, I am putting together little booklets of rules for the tabletop. I am laying them out for practical play and not including the OGL declarations or S&W trademark information since I am just printing out copies for myself... anything I put on the web will be a little different to make sure I follow the right procedures for these kinds of things.

My own Personal Boxed Set (which does have its own box!) consists of six booklets:
  1. Character Creation
  2. The Basic Rules
  3. Magic Rules and Spells
  4. World Information
  5. Monsters and Treasure
  6. Compiled Tables
My goal here is easy tabletop reference to the rules, keeping books 5 and 6 to myself, and allowing books 1-4 to be used by players as needed. We'll see how it plays out in real life.

I have put my rules in digest-size PDFs, and use booklet printing to crank out copies, using my long-reach stapler to put them together all old-school.

While I was at it, I printed out my PDF of the Esoteric Creature Generator to throw in the box, as well as a copy of Matt Finch's Eldritch Weirdness and his City Encounters PDFs, also in booklet form. Add some dice, some pencils and a small notebook, and I have box of portable game ready to play.