Friday, July 10, 2009

Some thoughts on my gaming past

I realize as the gaming blogs blaze by the light of the ongoing skirmishes between system warriors that such fights seem silly to me. I'm a games omnivore, with piles of card and board games at home, and having sold more games that I collected than I ever could have played. It's my nature, I guess, always collecting, reading, cannibalizing, and occasionally selling off collections to clear out room or get ready for a move (my most epic sell-off was in 2000 when I moved from Santa Cruz to San Diego. I sold half of my RPG collection for $500 cash and #250 credit to a local used bookstore. Considering the pittance of value I got and the fact that I tripled their used RPG section, this seems rather epic to me.)

So, thinking on this, I began to consider all the games I have run or GMed. This gives me the following list. Asterisks mark games I have DMed. I have collected, read and stole from many times this list, too, but this is my play history:

AD&D (often mixed with BD&D and Arduin)*
AD&D 2nd Edition
Champions/Hero System*
D&D 3.x Edition(s)*
D&D 4th Edition
Fading Suns
Feng Shui*
Gamma World*
Legend of the Five Rings
Mutants and Masterminds*
Star Frontiers
Top Secret
Twilight 2000

What do I make of this? Not much, really. But I think the best part of gaming is playing with people you like, so the idea of system fealty leading to ongoing vitriol -- against games, gamers, or publishers -- just seems alien to me.