Monday, July 13, 2009

Aquilan War Gods

The War Gods are biomechanical monstrosities built by the ancient Aquilan Empire to wage war against the Witch-Kings of Ylum many centuries ago. Taking roughly human shape, these rune-covered beings look to be a mix of strange stone and metal, glowing with lambent light. The war gods are long forgotten, buried in the earth or broken in terrible battle. However, they are still sought by adventurers and rulers seeking ultimate power by commanding a towering monstrosity into battle to rule over all around him.

Standing 100 feet tall, the war gods are physically powerful, nigh-invulnerable, and armed with advanced weaponry. They have some crude intelligence, but serve loyally any master armed with the control box that runs the War God. Without a control box, the War God will do what it was last commanded to do, usually quite literally.

Armor Class: 2 [17]; Hit Dice: 20; Attacks: fist (2d6); Special: See below; Move: 24, jump 36; HDE: 22 (5000xp)

War Gods require +3 or better weapon to hit, are immune to most magic except for electicity-based magic which slows them. They may use the following attacks: breath a 6die fireball 3/day, spit a web 2/day, confusion ray from eyes 2/day.

Thanks to Hayao Miyazaki and The Iron Giant for insipiration here.