Wednesday, July 8, 2009

12 Inns and Taverns in Zamora

  1. The Black Pearl (Shadow Quarter): An tavern frequented by criminals,thugs, and generally dangerous folk, the Black Pearl is a place to find disreputable folk for tasks not generally suited for polite company.
  2. The Boneyard (Shadow Quarter): This inn is best known for its gambling rooms, though it is also notable for its terrible rooms, overpriced food, watered down drinks, and unsavory regulars.
  3. The Dancing Girallon (Merchant Quarter): A working person's tavern, the Dancing Girallon is small, cramped, and dominated by its loud and hirsute owner, Armando Pasillo, and the huge taxidermied girallon in a comical pose in the main room.
  4. The Feathered Serpent (Merchant Quarter): Located near the city's main temples of Law, this inn is clean, with comfortable rooms, simple but hearty food at reasonable prices, and a very respectable clientele.
  5. Firewaters (Shadow Quarter): This tavern is a dive, but a dive frequented by the children of the wealthy who live for a taste of the way that the lower clases live
  6. Garcia's Old Peculiar (Tower Quarter): Run by an elderly former instructor at the Tower of Wizardry, Garcia's is well known for its owner's eccentricities, which include oddly bubbling (and flavored) drinks, practical jokes, and impractical magical effects placed on the establishment itself that make the place quirky or even surreal.
  7. The Golden Chalice (Gold Quarter): A fine but pedestrian inn which caters to traveling merchants and down-on-their luck nobles without holdings of their own. It is a respectable and boring place, though some of the wealthy patrons may actually be involved in complex intrigues.
  8. Ouroboros (Gold Quarter): A fine restaurant and tavern known for innovative and exotic food and drinks as well as its very expensive prices. This is where the powerful and influential go to eat and to be seen.
  9. Ramirez' (Shadow Quarter): The middle-aged owner of this place seems bigger than life, and is rumored to be a powerful swordsman who seems able to survived terrible wounds and to talk authoritatively about historical events. His accent is clearly not Zamoran, but he is well-liked and people do not challenge him about his true origins. He likes to remind customers about to brawl not to lose their heads, by force is necessary. This makes Ramirez' a nice sort of neutral ground where parties can meet despite disputes and be assured of neutral ground.
  10. The Silk Slipper (Shadow Quarter): Poor food, weak drinks, and high prices are generally ignored here, since the real business at the Silk Slipper has more to do with the women in the main hall and the rooms upstairs.
  11. The Silver Horn (Merchant Quarter): A pale imitation of the Gold Chalice, the Silver Horn is a safe, boring, and respectable inn for the safe, boring and respectable.
  12. The Temple (Merchant Quarter): A low-class tavern across from the Feathered Serpent. Its customers are laborers and traders who live ordinary and hard lives, and need a drink now and then. Or every day. Regulars can then tell others in their lives that they need go to the Temple so it doesn't seem as if they are going out drinking.