Tuesday, July 7, 2009

12 Athanoran Adventure Seeds

1. The ghul bandit Azara Zala has been raiding traders headed to and from the Undercity Market, particularly Hssu. The Hssu merchant Ssalava is said to be hiring guards for himself and mercenaries to hunt Zala.

2. Beggars in Zamora's outer city have recently been congregating in groups, glassy-eyed and chanting gibberish, and harrassing any who pass. This seems to be spreading, and now small groups of children and laborers in the city have been gathering in similar groups, chanting in similar ways.

3. Mercedes Amador is hosting a party for the city's unwashed masses, whom she adores. Many powerful and many lowly people will be at her palace, though she usually arranges for something dramatic to happen in order to spark an entertaining scene for everyone.

4. Sixteen year old Isabel Soriano and seventeen year old Joaquin Nuñez have fallen in love, much to the dismay of their respective houses. Isabel is promised to Romero Guzman, a boring, power-hungry fortyish lout, but Joaquin, a rake and scoundrel by reputation, has declared publicly that the marriage will not happen, driving the two houses to the edge of warfare.

5. Raul Amador is gathering a safari to hunt the Red Devil, a huge, cunning Tyrannosaurus outside Zamora.

6. The tower dragon is ill, and the wizards of the Tower will pay handsomely for the recovery of rare fungi tha can be used to treat the dragon.

7. A swarm of osquips came out of the sewers last night and dragged an inkeeper and his family to their dooms. The innkeeper had turned away a strange Mal'Akkan man and his wife away, who cursed the innkeeper for his cruelty before leaving that day.

8. Three merchants have been approached by the Lo Pan society offering protection from coming disasters. The merchants declined, and suddenly they have been suffering mishaps and seem cursed. The Society members will not talk to them at all, and they have no idea how to fix their situation.

9. A Duma man has returned from nearby ruins with tales of a terrible monster that killed his companions. The monster was guarding a golden flying chariot.

10. A storyteller tells the tale of an ancient princess trapped in her palace underground, sleeping until a savior will awaken her with a kiss. Her savior will need to overcome terrible monsters, but will inherit the treasures of her kingdom and her hand in marriage.

11. A Khitai wizard is granting wishes to anyone in exchange a trinket of great personal worth to wish-maker.

12. The priests of Malkut the Scholar are hiring adventurers to travel to a ruin to the east and recover a set of ancient tablets. They warn that the ruins are overrun by girallons and the tablets themselves are said to be guarded by Ancient traps and mechanical guardians.