Monday, June 29, 2009

8 Athanoran Wilderness Encounters

The Haunted Oasis (Hex 0101)
An oasis in this area supports a small area of fungi, teeming with lizards and insect life, but otherwise unoccupied. A set of ruined huts, long uninhabited, lies on the edges of the oasis. The ghosts of villagers who were killed by ghuls haunt the place.

Sonora (Hex 0102)
The walled mining village of Sonora produces a great deal of Orichalcum. They face trouble from raiding Ghuls and often hire adventurers to help deal with the problem.

The Great Crater (Hex 0302)
A huge crater lies at the top of the Broken Mountain, where an asteroid fell years ago. In the center of the crater is a lump of priceless starmetal that can be worked ino a magical weapon or suit of armor. The local wildlife, however, is mutated and hostile….

Morilla (Hex 0804)
The small farming village of Morilla provides much of the food that Zamora uses each day. Morilla hires a large number of mercenaries to defend the village from Throon raiders.

Lair of the Sky-Pirate Melantha (Hex 0902)
The Alemanian female sky-pirate, Melantha Burgos (F4) raids from a fortified mountaintop lair. Her crew is a hodge-podge of ruthless raiders attacking from her airship, the Witch’s Blade, and from the backs of trained pteranodons.

Alemanian Raiders (Hex 1003)
An armed Alemanian camp is capturing travelers and using them for medical experiments.

The Blood Axe Throon (Hex 1105)
The Blood Axe tribe of Throon, a group of allosaurus-riding barbarians, have set up camp in this region, led by their chieftain Savalon the Victorious. They number about 30, riding two per allosaurus. Savalon is 5th level fighter.

Vale of Shadows (Hex 2006)
Crashed spacecraft protected by brain-eating squid-headed aliens who guard an arsenal of alien weapons.