Friday, April 24, 2009

Horror, Mood, and Athanor

Jim over at Lamentations of the Flame Princess posted his musings on D&D as a Horror Game which got me thinking a bit about where I want to go with Athanor mood-wise. In my mind, I wold love to have Athanor feel like a swashbuckling horror game -- romance, adventure, political intrigue, and nameless horror all intertwined. I was especially mindful of this since I had just been reading Fight On! # 4 this morning, and going thorugh the Tower of Duvan'Ku by the very same Mr. Raggi, and trying to figure a way to balance the feel of a horror adventure without it seeming so much like an intentional act of PC torture (which it struck me that the Tower could feel like) without much positive experience for the players.

Not sure that I have an answer, but having been out of the active DMing game for a couple of years, I find myself musing about this mood thing a lot, even though part of me know that much of the mood and feel of a campaign is actually out of the DM's hands and in the players'.