Sunday, March 15, 2009

What I'll play vs. what I'll run

Next weekend, I'm going to go to a friend's house to play a pickup game of 4th edition. Now, I don't consider myself a warrior on the front lines of the Old School Movement. I want to use an old school game because it seems interesting to me as a DM. I have run a lot of things in my day, from AD&D to Champions to Mage to Feng Shui to 3.x edition D&D, and I have learned a lot of things that I like in a system and things that I don't. But when it comes to being a player, I'm pretty much system agnostic.

That means that I'll have fun playing 4th edition, because I like the players and I can find something to like in nearly any system. But when I run Athanor, I'll be going back something simpler, cleaner and more old-fashioned to keep myself happy.