Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Surgeon

In the Plaza, he's called The Surgeon, The Alemanian, and The Fixer. His actual name is Deidrich Todenkopf. He is tall, gaunt, and hairless, with ashen blue skin and pale eyes. He dresses an ill-fitting black suit with a red velvet waitscoat, a shiny gold pocket watch, and a stained and ancient lab coat. He wears a device riveted into his left temple that includes armatures with a variety of lenses he can move into a mix of combinations as he looks at objects and surgeries. He moves with a strange, spidery graces and speaks with an almost alient dispassion. His hard, pinched face is almost impossible to read.

The Surgeon is a skilled physician, but his other services are the ones that make him notable and notorious. The rumor is that the Surgeon is skilled in advanced Alemanian medicine, and is able to perform certain enhancements for customers, giving them strange, even superhuman abilities. If it is true, his clients seem to keep their changes covert, since such abilities don't seem to appear where others can see them.

The Surgeon is obsessed with talking about his theory of Transhumanism, that humans can transcend their humanity to a state of physical, mental, and moral transcendence in which they are no longer bound by primitive physical, mental, and moral boundaries. He often rants about such things in detail.

The Surgeon is served by a hunchbacked Alemanian dwarf named Einhardt. Einhardt speaks little, is immensely strong, and deeply loyal.