Monday, March 30, 2009

The Overlord's Four Children

Alaric the Dragon
Alaric is the eldest of the Overlord's children. His palace is in the north, where he has built a small cult. He has the head of a great lizard, scaled skin, and a long tail. He is swift-moving, brutal and a powerful wizard. He is said to delight in combat, has an arena where combatants fight for his entertainment. It is said that Alaric sometimes eats particularly impressive competitors.

Basilia the Huntress
Basilia the Huntress is cruelly beautiful, with alabaster skin and black hair. He hands end in long, steel-hard claws, and her long limbs are graceful, and her movement swift. She has a palace in the east, where she is served by her harpy servants, made for her by The Surgeon. It is rumored that she catches and hunts men with her harpies in the tunnels below her palace.

Celestina the Beautiful
Celestina is a sorceress with a beautiful voice and an incredible voice. Her head, however, is attached to a long, snake-like body. She is is outgoing and known as a healer and seeress. Her palace is in the south, and guarded by machines loyal to her.

Desiderio the Libertine
Desiderio looks human, but has four arms. He is outgoing, fun, and lecherous. His pleasure palace is in the west, where he indulges many diverse tastes with many, diverse partners. He is a scoundrel of the highest order, and is served by a number of white-skinned pygmies made for him by Vog Mur.