Monday, March 30, 2009

The Overlord

The Overlord, whose name is lost in obscurity, has been ruler over Zamora for at least five decades. Legend says that he was an adventurer who returned to the city from the wastes dressed in magical golden armor which made him invulnerable and gave him mastery over lightning and fire. He brought order to the chaos of the ruined city, rebuilt its core, created alliances with powerful factions in and below the city, while promoting minor conflicts between others to create a city where powers were balanced against each other and the Overlord's might proved to be greatest.

No one has seen the Overlord's face. His "children" appear to be cloned or engineered in the Flesh Vats of Vog-Mur, and tend to be strange aberrations engineered for decadence and degeneracy. Most of these children have set up palaces in the wastes of the city or in the underworld, and have little to do with the others, merely entertaining themselves in their palaces. The Overlord seems to have no concerns regarding them, and they have no influence with him, though many seek their favor as powerful entities.

The Overlord tends to delegate authority to a vast bureaucracy of petty officials, served by Dromian runners and workers, and guarded by his Vat Men who act as his personal guard and retinue. His spies are trained dopplegangers bred by Vog-Mur in his clone pits.

Many of the Overlord's actions seem mad, random, or inscrutible, though few would say that to him directly. His rule is one of fear and mostly benign dictatorship.