Monday, March 9, 2009

Masks in Zamora

As a result of years of vendettas and assassinations, masks have become a fashion statement among the wealthy and powerful, particularly the Great Families. Each family has a specific theme to their masks, though individuals have very personalized masks, usually decorated in a way to show their wealth, power and prestige. The themes, by House:
  • House Amador: idealized representation of the wearer
  • House Buñuel: abstract art pieces
  • House Guzman: animals
  • House Lucero: mechanical abstractions of human faces
  • House Nuñez: insects
  • House Soriano: minimalistic masks covered with quotes from scholars of personal significance to the wearer.
Criminals and members of illegal cults also wear masks, but these are typically not individualized, serving instead to keep the wearer anonymous. These masks are worn in commission of crime, in cult rituals, or in field missions.