Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Food in Athanor

Scott at World of Thool posted some information on food animals in his campaign quite a while back, and even mentioned agriculture in an early post. I let that stew for a while, and am now thinking about atmosphere in the game, and thought that it might be interesting to consider what an open air market would be like in terms of food. Thus, some notes on food on Athanor.

Fungus is a major staple in Athanoran agriculture. Fungi provide fibers for paper, cloth, and as a substitute for wood. Fungi provide dyes and pigments. Fungi are major food crops. Mushrooms, spores, and smut all form part of the regular diets of people across the planet. Fungus and smut peddlers are common on the streets of most cities.

Cacti are sometimes eaten, usually in a form similar to Mexican nopales. They are often juiced and occasionally fermented into beers, wines, or hard spirits.

Dinosaur eggs and meat are common food items, though meat is generally considered a luxury item.

Creepy Crawlies
A good source of food for most common folk comes in the form of arthropods. Giant centipedes are sweet and moist when roasted, and giant spider legs are considered both delicious and dangerous to obtain. 

But the most common form of arthropod is the meal beetle. The meal beetle is edible as a large, gelatinous egg; as a potato-sized pink grub; or as a full-grown beetle with a fist-sized body and long legs. As an egg, they are bland and sweet, but nutritious. As a grub, they are roasted, turning red and having a flavor and consistency similar to yams, but with a nice, buttery texture. As a beetle, they are roasted. Their legs become meaty and savory and their bodies cook up to a custardy texture with a light, nutty flavor. Meal beetles are commonly served as street food and easily raised at home.