Thursday, July 9, 2009

6 Artifacts of the Ancients

  1. The Black Mirror: This magical sword is a three-foot long blade of thin, black and reflective glassy material. The pommel is made of bone, wound with leather. No one knows he origin of the black mirror, though mentions of it have been made in the chronicles of the war between the Four Great Nations, weilded by Akas the Slayer, champion of Ylum. The Black Mirror is a normal Sword +1 against living creatures. However, against inorganic materials (metal or stone) or against plants, the weapon is a sword +5 doing 3d6 damage. In addition, the sword will negate the first spell of third or lower level cast against the weilder each round.
  2. The Hand of Death: A powerful Ancient artifact, the Hand of Death is an ornate onyx and brass pistol that fires a cold, black bolt that causes no harm to inanimate objects, plants or fungi. However, any living animal struck by the ray must save or fall to zero hit points immediately. A creature that saves has its current hit points reduced by half. The Hand of Death may be fired three times before recharging. It is self charging, but regains only one charge per day of non-use.
  3. The Silver Shield: The Silver Shield appears to be a single bracer with a large, silver boss that would sit on the top of the arm. However, when a stud on the opposite side is pressed, the boss expands and folds out into a medium-sized round, silver shield. This acts as a normal shield for purposes of defense calculations but when facing beam weapons (lasers, the Hand of Death, etc.), roll 1d6. On a 1-2, the shield has no additional effect. On a 3-5, the beam is reflected away harmlessly, on a 6, the beam is reflected back to the attacker.
  4. The Orb of Sorrows: The Orb is a simple white orb, the size of a fist, with a single button. Depressing the button causes the Orb to whir. The orb will begin to hover, though it can be thrown to a point where it will begin its work. The orb hovers about five feet from the ground, and generates a field of psychic disturbance. Any sentient or sapient creature in a 30 foot radius will be overcome with sorrow and dejection. All creatures in the area of effect must save or be immobilized, wracked with hopelessness and sorrow, until the orb is deactivated. The Orb will continue to operate for 1d6+2 rounds, then will deactivate and settle gently to the ground. It cannot be used again for another 1d3 days.
  5. The Cloak of Shadows: This floor-length black cloak has an ornate silver clasp with an orichalcum stone set in it. Pressing this stone will cause the cloak to shimmer and then reflect the nearby surroundings, causing the wearer to disappear if he or she keeps the closed and the hood pulled down. This is equivalent to the effect of the Invisibility II spell. This has a duration of 2d6+8 rounds. Once the effect ends, the cloak needs 1d3 days to recharge.
  6. The Iron Scorpion: This ornate iron sculpture of a foot-long scorpion has a matching headband. If the headband is worn, the user may then command the Iron Scorpion to act as an agent. Doing so places the user in a trance, but the user may use the scorpion as his own eyes and ears, and may use the scorpion to act. The user may end this trance at any time, but then the Iron Scorpion become inert and inactive. Iron Scorpion: AC 3 [16], HD 3, Attacks: sting 1d2, Move 15, HDE 4, SA: poison, save or die (1d6 damage if save), XP 120.


  1. Great stuff. I particularly like the Iron Scorpion.

  2. Classic. Why do I see them all ending up in the hands of one ubervillain though?

  3. That would be quite the ubervillain....