Thursday, February 5, 2015

Estarion, Game 13

The game was one of those tie-up-loose-ends games. The heroes mostly spent some time reviewing clues at the party before doing some research and follow-up. The heroes abscond with the body of the intellect devourer and its erstwhile host. They used their magic and skills to carry the body to the priestesses of Astarte to get them to use Speak with Dead to find out what the host knew.

The heroes learn a little about how the host was taken, but are no closer to learning what the bad guys know. Ana lets Tatiana Scaevola know about the death of their man, which unnerves her. Jarret lets slip to Marcellus Nonus that his ally was killed, which upsets the necromancer. Then the heroes begin to regroup. The heroes find that Nonus' house is ransacked by the Guard, and look for clues, finding very minor ones that just confirm Nonus' connection to the cult of Orcus.

At the end of the game, Nonus sends some ghouls, and Arturius is again out cold.

The heroes know the Orcus cultists are disturbed, and that they don't even know who else is hunting them.